Our specialty phosphoroamidites can be incorporated at either the 5′ end or internally depending on desired application. We offer HyperStable Amino Linkers, Biotin Amidites, Spacers and Multi Branching Units which can be added singly or sequentially for highly branched oligonucleotides. In addition we provide cleavable spacers for use in scission or introduction of internal linkers for diagnostic probes. Finally, we are proud to offer PluriPotent 2′-MOX Precursors, 2′-SUC Precursors, and 5′-MOX Modifiers to enable the formation of adducts for user desired functionalities. 

Phi29 Random Hexamer Primer is ready-to-use in strand displacement amplification of genomic DNA, plasmids, BACs, fosmids or phages. The primer contains modified nucleotides that are resistant to 3′-5′ exonuclease activity. We have developed proprietary purification procedure to ensure removal of DNA polymerase inhibitors. The concentration of Phi29 Random Hexamer Primer is optimized for amplification with Phi29 DNA Polymerase.


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