2′ Amino Modified Oligos

2' Amino Modified Oligonucleotides

We also offer 2′-amino modified oligonucleotides through the use of our SUC/MOX precursor strategy. By using this methodology we can incorporate amino-modifiers internally (currently at pyrimidine nucleosides – C and U analogs) within the oligonucleotide. The length and physical properties of the tether can be chosen from a wide selection of primary aliphatic diamines to meet your particular requirements.


• RNA folding kinetics
Our 2′-amino modified oligos can be used to internally tether a fluorescent chromophore in order to monitor RNA tertiary folding (Silverman and Cech, Biochemistry, 1999, 38, 14224). In this study it was shown that the length of the tether to the chromophore affected the observed florescence and that the optimum tether length depended strongly on the particular site of labeling.

• Facile post-synthetic modifications
Our 2′-SUC-2′-dU/-dC and 2′-MOX-2′-dU precursor oligonucleotides allow for easy modifications directly with primary aliphatic amines. Other post-synthetic techniques require activation prior to modification to generate the oligonucleotide conjugate (Beban and Miller, Bioconj. Chem., 2000, 11, 599). Our post-synthetic manipulations using SUC and MOX precursors are all one-step transformations to the desired modified oligonucleotide.


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